Akira meets The Matrix. The Name of the Rose meets Johnny Mneumonic.

Deus Hex Machina is the story of Isidore RAM, a hacker working as a sister for the the Church of Technology and a mysterious code fragment that leads her from the GRID into the real world of a dystopic cyberpunk Orange County as she searches for the truth behind the death of her mentor. Along the way she connects with a mech riding gang leader who is more interested in selling the artifacts Isidore is looking for than studying them. Together they must answer the most important question of their lives: What is Cri-Lux?

About the Author

Who am I? I'm an author who has launched two other projects on Inkshares. The first, Shadow of the Owl, though it didn't fund, ended up being a self-published book, and the sequel Shadow of the Panther is currently up for funding through Inkshares. When the Sword & Laser Sequel contest was announced, I was initially pretty bummed because I had JUST won Nanowrimo 2015 by completing 1/4 of the manuscript for Shadow of the Panther. Then I realized that I have a project I was intending to write this spring, a new novel in a different genre altogether. And I thought "Why not?" Fund two books at once? That's just so crazy it might actually work.